CRM 2013 Deployment Certification Tips

I just passed Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 Deployment certification exam today with fairly little preparation (i.e. no course, no question studies, and no book). In my defense, I had a second shot voucher so I was thinking I could go back in a week if I didn’t pass it :).

I thought I would share the “study material” that I used to prepare for it.

YouTube Videos

Other Resource

That’s all I used, plus obviously a few years of experience with the product.


Spend some time on

  • CRM Outlook Client material (upgrade path from 2011, Online/Offline mode, having multiple organizations on the same outlook client etc.)
  • Email functionalities (router installation, configuration, server side synchronization, smart matching/tracking token).

Good luck!

Qualify Leads in CRM 2013 – What happened to the “Convert Lead” dialog box?

When the CRM 2011 Rollup 12 came out, there was a bug around the “Convert Lead” dialog box no longer appearing during the lead qualification process. Microsoft was originally supposed to release a fix for it in a future release and in the meantime, there was a way to get it to work with “old” CRM forms. It was essentially about adding the Currency field to the form (see details here). Since the new UI came out, it seems the Convert Lead dialog box is gone for good.

Going forward, we now have the possibility to select the existing contact and account directly in the lead record. If none of the value is selected, an Account and a Contact gets created. This avoids additional processing prior to the lead qualification and removes the need to have the “Convert Lead” dialog.

This applies to CRM 2011 Online (instances that haven’t been upgraded to CRM 2013 yet) and all CRM 2013 installation types.