Bulk Address Validation plugin for XrmToolbox

A couple of years ago, our team developed a free SharpXRM Dynamics CRM Address Validation add-on meant to be a tool to help companies perform easy and accurate address verification and geocoding using the Bing Map API. While the add on had good success and adoption with over 5000 downloads from our site, it has become difficult to support and keep up to date with the rapid evolution pace of the Dynamics 365/CE platform. We have made the difficult decision to retire the add-on.

We created an alternative solution: an XrmToolbox plugin to do bulk address verification and geocoding on any record type with address fields. We have been testing it for a few months in beta. This article describes how the plugin works. We have a plan to release the source code on GitHub in the near future.

Where to get the XrmToolbox Plugin

First, you must have the XrmToolbox installed. Once you have it open, go to Tools -> Plugin Store and search the plugin lists for “Bulk Address Verifier and Geocoder” and install the plugin

How it works

Prerequisite: You should have a Bing Map API key. If you don’t have any, you can generate one by following the instructions here. Keep in mind that free Bing Maps API keys come with usage restrictions (limited daily lookups and limited lookups per second).

  1. Enter your Bing Maps API Key
  2. Click on the “Retrieve Entities” button to load the entities drop down list
  3. Select the entity with addresses you’d like to validate and geocode
  4. Select the views that will return the accounts that you want to run the address verification and geocoding on
  5. Select the source and destination fields
  6. Note that Latitude, Longitude and Details are only displayed in the destination fields.
  7. Use the “Copy input to output” if you want to write the validated address in the same fields are the source.
  8. Click on Start Validation to run the address verification process. The Validation status text box will display the status of address verification on each record that is processed. If you select to have the verification details in the account (by using the Details output field), information about any failure will be inserted in that field.

Another Option

Our paid version of the Address Verification for Dynamics 365 has been available in GA for a while. It is available for try for free on the product page. It’s got some nice features, such as an auto-complete widget, client or server-side verification, to go along with a very simple configuration experience. If you have any questions or would like to know more, you can reach out to support@sharpxrm.com, we’ll be happy to respond to any question you might have.

Free Address Validation Tool for Dynamics CRM

We’ve developed a simple and free Address Validation add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This article presents the add-on and also provides a download link.

SharpXRM Address Validation is a light weight add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 and 2016. As its name indicates, it is used to validate the address information of CRM record such as Contact, Account, Lead or custom entities containing address information. It uses the Bing Location API to perform the address validation and as such, we have very little control over the result(s) returned. It requires a Bing Maps API Key which you must generate from the Bing Maps portal

The solution contains a web resource that has to be inserted on the form of the target entity and configured with the appropriate fields. For example on the account entity, you can add the web resource and configure it to validate the out of the box address 1 fields. The web resource adds a button on the form (see Image 1 below). Clicking on the button will launch the validation and proceed to present the result (see Image 2). When the results are displayed to the end users, they have an opportunity to make further edits before accepting the changes.

Image 1
Image 2


  • (1) Input address from the account record
  • (2) Validated address, editable (in case Bing doesn’t return all information or other changes need to be made for example to add or keep an apartment number removed by Bing)
  • (3) Confirm will save the information to the account and close the validation wizard

Want to give it a try? Download the Managed CRM solution and configuration guide.

Don’t hesitate to provide feedback @ contact@sadax-technology.com.

We also have a commercial version of the tool which uses a robust address validation API to correct single addresses or multiple in bulk using CRM workflows. For more information, reach out to us